Day 27 – Back on the trail after a quad zero


August 12 – Day 27
Miles:  3.1
PCT 1989.9 –  1993                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
I stayed up late last night to catch up on my blog posts.  2:30 am is like an all nighter for a hiker.  Hiker midnight is 9pm and up at 4am.  I knew that I could sleep in today so I wasn’t too concerned about the late hour.  It does screw you up a bit though. 

Today, I got up around 7am, had breakfast, put my pack together and finished posting my 2nd, 3rd and 4th week blog posts.  It took a while to figure out how to do it on the Kindle Fire, but I managed to get it done.  Unfortunately, I somehow did a double post on week 4, which I didn’t think was possible with WordPress, but it is.

I had to walk a little over a mile to the bus station to catch the Valley Transporter bus to Sisters.  I had called the trail angel for Sisters to see if she could get me to the trail.  She called back an hour or so later and said she was taking some other hikers to the trail at 2:30 and would squeeze me in.  This made me very happy as the alternative is hitching a ride, which really doesn’t work for me.  I was quite relieved. 

When I got to Sisters, I had a nice lunch and walked over to the grocery store, which was the meet-up location and waited about an hour.  She dropped us off at the trail and I started to walk through the lava fields.  This is the least pleasant trail to walk as the lava rocks are large, sharp and loose.  In my sneakers, it was hell.  In my boots, not too bad, but still annoying.  Shortly after starting the hike, it started to sprinkle.  I stopped and pulled out my umbrella and hooked one hiking pole to the backpack, so I can hold the umbrella with one hand and a hiking pole with the other.  Every time I opened the umbrella, the wind would pick up and the rain would stop.  If I closed the umbrella, the rain would start again.  It was uncanny!  There was some thunder in the distance, which had me concerned about being the only conductor in a field of rocks.  I ran into a south bounder that said there was a patch of trees about a mile ahead.  I headed to them.  Though I really wanted to knock off a few more miles, I decided the smart thing to do was to camp among the trees, so that’s what I did.

My goal this week is to pick up the miles per day to 25 and see how that goes.  With my pack fixed and my boots, I should be able to pull it off.  We’ll see.

Bill (Blackhawk down)



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5 Responses to Day 27 – Back on the trail after a quad zero

  1. Jane Gargas says:

    Hi Skeptic, I’m a reporter with a newspaper in Central Washington, the Yakima Herald. We’re hoping to do a story on PCT hikers, and we’re wondering if you’ll be stopping at White Pass on Thursday, Aug. 28. If so, could you let us know? Jane Gargas 509 969 5904 or Thanks!

  2. Lou Cambruzzi says:

    Hi Bill,
    Your GPS Tracker doesn’t seem to be working well 8/25 and 8/26. 8/25 looked like a zero day but 8/26 AM you were way beyond trout creek. Then 8/26 you were stopped between green lake and blue lake. I worried you fell down a switch back. I hope Not 🙂

  3. Lou Cambruzzi says:

    But now looks like a zero day at Trout Lake. Cool looking little town.

  4. Lou Cambruzzi says:

    Oops, no Zero at Trout Lake I see.Today Sat. 30th the topo lines look like an un fun day.

    • billweberx says:

      Hi Lou. Sorry for the late reply. I’m not getting much data service in WA. No zero in Trout Lake. Just stayed the night. I just arrived in Packwood and will zero here. My resupply is at the post office which is closed today and tomorrow. Went through Goat Rocks yesterday and today. Amazing beauty but lots of fog, rain, hail and dangerous traverses. Lots of trail washouts where I wasn’t sure if I would make it. Good to hear from you..

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