Day 28


August 13 – Day 28
Miles:  20
1993 – 2013

I woke early today and packed up by 5:30 am, surprisingly.  I saw tick-tock’s head lamp swinging around through the woods as she was packing up her tent.  I walked over to say good morning and then got on the trail.


By about 10:30 am I arrived at the Big Lake Youth Camp.  I was a little excited as I was feeling hungry and I know they provide free meals for hikers.  Along with the meals, they have free laundry, showers and camping.  They also have a structure for PCT hikers to hang out in that has tables, chairs and couches inside.  After registering at the office and picking up my resupply package, the young ladies (high school aged workers) couldn’t seem to find out what time lunch was being served so I went to the PCT hangout and worked on my resupply, throwing most of it in the hiker box.  When done, I decided to take a nap on the couch while waiting for lunch.  Several thru-hikers stopped in and out while I slept.  At about 11:30 am I decided to see if there was any lunch being served.  I wandered over to the cafeteria and asked a worker inside.  She said she wasn’t sure but probably around 1pm.  This was a little distressing as I really just wanted to eat something and get back on the trail.


While chatting with some other hikers that came by, we decided to head over for some food around noon.  Turns out the lady was wrong and they were serving lunch.  We had fajitas and rice which was pretty good.  Afterwords, I headed back to the PCT hangout and did more chatting with hikers.  I was getting quite lazy after lunch and didn’t want to get back on the trail.  Finally, around 3 or so I got going.


The trail went through miles and miles of burn areas today.  At first the burn sections look interesting with all the standing but barren trees, but it quickly becomes depressing and tiring.  You begin to long for green and dappled forests.  I headed into the Jefferson wilderness before finally finding a campsite at around 20 miles for the day.

Bill (Blackhawk Down)



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