day 32

August 17
Miles:  ?

Today, I left the Jefferson Wilderness and entered the Mount Hood Wilderness.  Lot’s of climbing and descending.  My feet still killing me.

Once again, please note that all the photos enter the blog in reverse order, so the first photo is the end of the day.  At some point I hope to figure out a way to bring them in correctly.  I use an Eye Fi chip in my camera that transfers the photos to my Kindle Fire HDX automatically when both are turned on.  A very nice feature.  Also, the Eye Fi app displays the photos in groups by the day they were taken.  I can select photos from a particular day and have a new WordPress blog created that will have those photos in it.  The only other way I have found to get photos in the blog is to insert them one by one from within WordPress.  The difficulty is, it always presents all the photos in my gallery and I have to swipe through them until I get to the photo I want, which when I’m behind like I am, can be hundreds of photos.  The only problem with the Eye Fi app is it puts the photos in reverse order, which would be difficult to rearrange.





There are many of these PCT placards along the trail.  Normally, it’s just a metal painted white diamond or a metal inked PCT sign, but there are some very old wooden signs of all types.  I sometimes find it frustrating that there are lots of markers along the trail where you don’t need them, but at many trail crossings, there are no markers.  I expect that people steal them at the trail crossings where they are more accessible to daily visitors.  Often the signs are on the trail a little past a trail intersection, which gives you relief that you are on the right trail.



Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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