Day 38

August 23
Miles:  9.5
PCT:  2155 – 2164.5
Total Miles:  435.8

Tom gave me a ride to Cascade Locks first thing in the morning.  I had to wait until 10 am to pick up my resupply package from the Post Office.  At 10, the post office said that it didn’t arrive.  I checked with Nicole (daughter and trail angel) on the tracking number.  She said it got sent to Government Camp, which is near Timberline, OR.  I couldn’t wait so I took off.  The real bummer is my Washington rain gear is in the resupply, and it is getting cold.  Nicole tried to call the Post Office in Government Camp but can never get anyone on the phone. 

I left Cascade Locks around 1 pm and decided to do 10 miles before camping.  It was straight up with 2350 feet of climbing.  You first have to climb over the Bridge of the Gods which crosses the Columbia River.  The river is so wide that it looks like a huge lake.  At the bridge, the sides pinch together due to some long ago landslide of a mountain.  The bridge is old and impressive.  There is no place to walk so you have to walk with the traffic, which is limited to 15 mph.  It is all metal mesh, even the road so you can look down to the water, a long way down.  A bit unnerving for someone with fear of heights.  I’m losing that fear as I walk the trail as there are so many places where the trail traverses steep mountains with sheer drop-offs.


Looking down while crossing the bridge.


Bridge of the Gods crossing the Columbia river.  Notice that there is no place for Pedestrians to walk.




Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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