Day 41

August 26
Miles:  25.3
PCT:  2206.8 – 2232.1
Total Miles:  503.4

Today was my most miles and longest day so far.  I finished after 8 pm very tired with sore feet.  There was a 1700 foot climb to start, then it became mostly flat the rest of the day.  For no good reason, I felt exhausted today and took a lot of long breaks.  I was lucky to get in 25 miles as I was moving so slow.  Unfortunately, my feet took quite a beating and I was hobbling the last 5 miles or so.  Tomorrow I’ll have 5 miles to Hwy 23, which will take me to Trout Lake for my resupply.









Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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2 Responses to Day 41

  1. Seb says:

    Congratulation Bill, 25 miles ( over 40 km). quite an achievement.
    Keep going, bonne chance

    • billweberx says:

      Thanks Seb. I’ve since done a 28. My limit is my feet. They’re getting worse. I’ve dropped to 20 mile days but still having trouble. Not sure what to do right now.


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