Day 42

August 27
Miles:  5
PCT:  2232.1 – 2237.1
Total Miles:  508.4

I camped last night at Trout Lake Creek.  Since I only had 5 miles to do today, I decided to sleep in.  There was a 1200 foot climb, followed by a similar decline to the road.  When I arrived at the road, I just stepped to the street to start hitching and a car pulls up to drop some hikers onto the trail.  Yeah!! A trail angel!  I got a ride into town and tipped the driver $10.

Trout Lake is a small, unincorporated town with a gas station that has a diner on one side and a coffee shop on the other.  Both serve food.  There is a general store that is a good resupply stop plus they rent cheap rooms.  I stayed in a room that had 3 beds.  The charge a paltry $25 for the room, which is split 3 ways.  I stayed with Oklahoma and another guy who’s name escapes me, but I should know it.  There were lots of hikers coming through and fun to hang with them but I didn’t get anything done that I should, like this blog and icing my feet.

The food at the diner was ok but it was lunchtime I ordered and my food sat for 20 minutes on a counter, while the servers whirled around like the wind, ignoring your every attempt to get their attention.  Many, many flies inside and crawling all over my food.  No one seemed concerned except me.

I took no photos today.  I think that may be the only trail day that I didn’t.

Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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