Day 54, 55 – zero in Snoqualmie pass

Sept 8, 9
Miles:  18.2 plus zero in Snoqualmie
PCT:  2383.7 – 2401.9
Total Miles:  674.8

I woke at 4am and was on the trail by 5:55am.  It was still dark for about 20 minutes and I had to use my headlamp.  The days are getting shorter.  I used to be able to start at 6am without a headlamp.  I don’t like walking in the dark.  It’s hard enough to walk without tripping during the day.  The headlamp works well, however, even on the lowest setting. 

It’s only 18 miles to Snoqualmie pass where I have a resupply and plan to take a zero to rest my feet.  There’s a restaurant and hotel there.  There’s also a store at a gas station, but it only has snack food.  They give PCT hikers a discount at the hotel, so it’s about $85 per night.  It still hurts…

My right foot was as bad as ever and the large down hill stretches tested my pain threshold.  I thought I would never get to the bottom of the last hill. 

Since I started an hour earlier, no one passed me today.  I got to the hotel first among my fellow flock.  I checked into the hotel, got my resupply and washed my laundry.  Then I ate at the restaurant (burger and fries).  Then, I went to the store to buy some food for the hotel and for my resupply.  I was shocked that there were no foods that I could use for dinners or breakfast.  I wound up buying a bunch of junk food and will have to wing it.  Cost for 4 days of food… $175!!  More than two nights in the hotel.  I wound up with too much food and put a bunch in the hiker boxes.

The hotel rooms are nice, new and clean.  I get a very strong 4g signal on my phone for the first time since hitting Washington, so I can take care of some online stuff and upload my blog posts.  Tomorrow, I get up at 4 am and head for the trail.  Next stop, Dinsmore’s Hiker Haven in Baring off Hwy 2.  It’s about 75 miles, 3-4 days hiking.







This was a huge waterfall and looked very cool.  The trail goes to the top where the falls are fed by a stream.


Another falls…



Good Morning PCT..



From my campsite in the morning.


Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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6 Responses to Day 54, 55 – zero in Snoqualmie pass

  1. Lou Cambruzzi says:

    OK, Sorry I will not likely make your next re supply. But I now know what care package I want to send and I want it to be there before your next zero. Post where that will be when you get to Hikers Haven and I will ship it. I will assemble it this weekend.

  2. Lou Cambruzzi says:

    Box left WENATCHEE Thursday AM at 4:11 should have made it to Chelan in time to make the boat (as long as it didn’t have to process through the Chelan PO) So it should be there Friday at the latest, maybe Thursday.

    • billweberx says:

      Got the box!! Sorry for the late reply but I had no phone or data service for two weeks. I’m done with WA. Will update the blog in the next couple of days. Cool gift!! Thanks much.

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