Day 58

Sept 12
Miles:  19.8
PCT:  2444.1 – 2463.9
Total Miles:  736.8
Elevation gain:  5507

I woke in an icebox this morning.  The condensation on the walls was frozen.  My water bottles were not frozen but were ice cold.  I took a long time to creep out of my sleeping bag to make some hot Top Raman for breakfast.  The propane almost didn’t light, but then blew fire all around and singed the hair on my hands.  I’m cooking in my tent, so that was a little uncomfortable.

After getting my pack all put together, I got outside to pack up the tent.  My hands were almost too cold to pack the tent in it’s stuff sack.  It was painful.  When I started hiking, my hands got colder and colder holding on to the hiker poles, so I dug into my pack to find my cheap knit gloves that I bought in Packwood.  Much to my surprise, they worked great!!  As soon as I put them on, my hands started to worm.  Within a couple minutes, they were very warm and toasty.  I’m sure if the wind was stronger, they would have trouble holding heat, but they worked well in the light, cold breeze.

The trail, bushes and puddles were all frozen and crunchy.  It was a real cold night.  Luckily, my sleeping bag is very warm.  My nose did run all night due to the cold.  No Mice!!  Probably too cold for them.

It was another long day of long, steep climbs.  I only did about 20 miles today, but it was very hard.  My feet were great yesterday (forgot to mention).  They, of course, are still a problem and I have lots of pain, but it has gotten better, rather than worse, which gives me hope.  Today, they seemed to have more pain than yesterday, but still improved over the last month.

I ended the day with a 1000 foot climb to the top off a peak where there was a campsite for one person and I took it.  I hung my wet shirt out for a couple hours as there was a pretty stiff breeze and I had hopes off not putting on a wet, cold shirt in the morning.  That turned out to be a success, as just before turning in, I went out and got my shirt, and it was completely dry.

Sometimes there are just too many rocks…


Every valley has a lake.



Another glacier.





Got water?


Many, many river/creek crossings.  My feet have stayed dry so far..


This was first thing in the morning.  Everything was frozen, except me.  I’m dry and warm in my new raincoat and gloves.


Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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2 Responses to Day 58

  1. BeeKeeper says:

    What pack are you using now? Looks small. You must be carrying much less than when you started? I’m surprised you are patiently still using stuff sacks. My tent gets stuffed in an outside pocket of my pack. My mattress gets folded and placed at bottom of plastic garbage bag before sleeping bag. I don’t have patience for the stuff sacks.

    • billweberx says:

      ULA Catalyst and I love it! First pack that fit me. The Catalyst doesn’t have the large, deep side pocket like the Mariposa but I still like putting the tent in the smaller side pocket. Unfortunately, it requires the stuff sack to hold it together.

      I continue to use the stuff sack with the mattress as it makes it so compact and easy to pack next to my food bag in the bottom of the pack. I don’t use stuff sacks for clothes/coats. I stuff them around all the other contents.

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