Day 59

Sept 13
Miles:  12.2
PCT:  2463.9 – 2476.1
Total Miles:  748.0
Elevation gain:  1722

I was camped on the top of a peak and while I experienced a gentle, cool breeze all night, the wind around the mountains was howling like I’ve never heard before.  It blasted so hard that it woke me up many times.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any louder, it would.  Scary loud.  Yet, I didn’t get blown around.

By the stats, it seems it should have been an easy day, yet, it dragged.  I felt like I was climbing a lot, but evidentially not so much.  Guess I’m tired from all the accumulated elevation gained over the last 3 days.  I’m ready for a break.

In the last few miles there were the usual backpackers and day hikers motoring up the trail.  I try to be extra friendly as I need to hitch to Baring, where I will be staying with the Dinsmores (trail angels).  There was one group of hikers that brought 3 Llamas as pack animals.  Pretty cool.  When I was coming into the ski resort area, I saw they had a restaurant so I took a short cut and made a bee line for the restaurant.  I had a burger, fries and root beer then headed to the highway to hitch to Baring.  I was walking through the parking lot and saw one of the hikers that I met the day before on the trail.  He was getting into a car of a mountain biker.  Evidentially, he got a ride.  I asked if they had room for one more, and they did, so I got a ride right away without hitching.  Major score.

He took us right to the Dinsmores, who have a large piece of property that is well suited to housing many hikers.  There’s a small room attached to a large garage that is dedicated for hikers.  It has a refrigerator, couches, chairs, all kinds of stuff to play with and lots of fruit to eat.  There are about 4 sets of bunk beds, which is not nearly enough for all the hikers going through right now.  She sees about 40 – 50 hikers a day.  Most sleep in their tents in the vast, mowed lawn.  That’s what I did.  I was able to do laundry and shower.  They also drove us to Skykomish for dinner.  Very generous people with big hearts.



You know you’re getting close when you see chair lifts.





Power lines feeding Seattle




Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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3 Responses to Day 59

  1. Rick & Wanda says:

    Hey Bill! 🙂
    We’ve been enjoying all your posts and appreciate the llama pic. 😉
    We can see from the pics that you’ve likely lost a bit-o-weight on this adventure.
    And, you were worried about bear . . . . it’s the small things that get ya.
    Keep on truck’in R&W

    • billweberx says:

      Thanks! I have lost a lot of inches on my waist but don’t know how many pounds as I have not had access to a scale. About 11 days to Canada then it’s off to the Sierras with Rick Shelor. He plans to join me for two weeks.


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