Day 60

Sept 14
Miles:  0
PCT:  2476.1
Total Miles:  748.0
Elevation gain:  0

I woke early at the Dinsmore’s as I wanted to catch the 8am ride to breakfast in Skykomesh.  I had decided to take a zero day in Skykomesh as I wanted to update my blog and sleep in a bed.  The Dinsmore’s is great for young folk who want to party late together and sleep in their tents.  I like the peace and comfort of a hotel room when in a town.  Andrea and her husband are great people and treat the hikers like family.  She was extra helpful to me after my accident in June.  We stopped there after the hospital she took a couple of my hiker resupply boxes to hold until I come back that way.  Later I called her to have her open one of the boxes and send me overnight delivery of some medications.  She did it, paying for the delivery out of her own pocket.  I paid her back after I arrived there.

When we arrived in Skykomesh, I immediately reserved a room at the hotel, then ate at the breakfast buffet.  After breakfast, I couldn’t go to my room yet as it wouldn’t be ready until 3pm.  This bummed me out a bit as I’ll have to sit around town somewhere waiting to get into the room.  I couldn’t find a nice shady spot to type up my blog posts anywhere in town, so I went back to the hotel.  It turns out that the hotel has a room that guests can use that has a table I can work at.  It also has a couch, TV with satellite programming, a refrigerator and other stuff like books and games.  I setup on the table and started working on my blog posts.  It was mostly quite and comfortable.  When done, I watched TV until my room was ready.  I should have iced my feet and knee, but never got around to it.  I ate dinner in the restaurant and went to bed.

No pictures today.

Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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