DAY 64

Sept 18
Miles:  20.7
PCT:  2531.3 – 2552
Total Miles:  823.9
Elevation gain:  4972

It rained all day today, which kept my boots soaked and caused major toe destruction.  One of my toes wore the tip down to the meat and started bleeding.  My feet and toes developed blisters and scrapes all over the surface.  I hobbled like an old man all day.  Well.. I mean older than I am… I Wound up using duct tape on all my toes for protection.  It kind of worked but my feet and toes lost a lot of skin, I think some due to the tape.  My knees both became sore from the massive amount of down hill today.  Suffice it to say that I’m in bad shape.

With the rain and fog, there were no views and nothing to take photos of, so very few pictures follows.  It felt that I was either climbing hard or descending hard all  day today.  I’m beat.

Lots of tough blowdowns to circumvent.  Here’s a log to climb under.  Had to remove my pack.










Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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