Day 67, 68

Sept 22, 23
Miles:  19.6
PCT:  2580 – 2599.6
Total Miles:  871.5
Elevation gain:  5036

I stayed another day in Stehekin for my feet.  By the way, Stehekin is a very cool town.  You cannot drive there.  It’s only accessible by boat, water plane or hiking.  It’s amazing to me that people live there.  It’s beautiful with a grand lake and mountains.

I caught the 8 am shuttle to get me back to High Camp, where the PCT crosses, and was back on the trail by 9:30 am.  Unfortunately, it started raining, and continued all day with rain or drizzle.  My boots got wet and stayed that way all day.  I made it to Rainy Pass, which is a road (Hwy 20) that leads to a couple towns if needed.  I was a bit surprised that I made it that far, given I started so late.  20 miles with over 5k feet in elevation gain.  I decided to camp there.  Miserable day, miserable weather.

Had to cross this log over a large stream as the bridge was down.



Ooops!  bridge down.  Had to cross the log in the first pic above.







Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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