Day 82

Oct 6
Miles:  19.2
PCT:  683.2 – 702.4
Total Miles:  966.7
Elevation gain:  2293

I got up early and was on the trail by 5:50 am in an attempt to beat the heat.  Not as much climbing today, but there were large downhill descents, which were hard on my feet.  I was in a hard limp most of the day.

As the day was so hot with direct sunlight, I used my umbrella for the first time to block sun.  It worked quite well.  I’m not sure I could have taken the sun without the umbrella.  Glad that I’m lugging it along.

Once again, all the springs were dry.  I found a water cache that was left over from the northbounders and it had 1 liter of water in it; so I took it.  I was counting on a river  that was about 5-6 miles from the final destination of the Kennedy Meadows store.  When I got to the river, I was quite dehydrated as I was stretching the water I had as much as possible and I only had 1/2 liter remaining.  The river was dry as a bone!!!  I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get to the store on 1/2 liter during the hottest part of the day (2 pm).  While I was contemplating dropping my pack and making a run for it, two guys came by on horseback.  I asked if they had any spare water and one of them threw me two pint bottles of water.  I was very thankful to them and quite relieved. 

I made it to the store, very thirsty and limping hard.  I will stay a day re-evaluate how I should proceed on to the high Sierras given the lack of water.

Dry creek.


The umbrella did the trick of blocking the sun from my head and shoulders.  It allows me to take off my hat which, with a light breeze all day, keeps my head cool.






This is my snack candies all melted into a lump.  It still tasted quite good and I could eat it like a snickers bar.




Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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