Day 98

Oct 22, 23
Miles:  4.3
PCT:  1089.2 – 1093.5
Total Miles:  1166.7
Elevation gain:  454

The winds finally died down and I got a good night sleep last night.  I only have a little over 4 miles to get to the road where I can hitch a ride into South Lake Tahoe.  I’m always excited the day I’m headed to town.   Fresh food and a hotel room with a bed and HBO.  Heaven!  Back in Washington, I stayed in a hostel at the town of Fish Lake and they only had one bathtub, shared by all rooms.  No shower.  I was reluctant to take a bath but I had to get clean so I did it.  Wow!  The hot water felt great on all my muscles.  I was in heaven.  I now always look for hotels that have bathtubs, and I buy Epson’s salt to throw in the water.  It’s quite a luxury and something that I now look forward to.

Very little elevation gain over the 4 miles.  It was almost all down hill.  The trail follows the road for over a mile, so I decided to jump out to the road right away.  Why walk a mile more away from town to hitchhike?  I caught a ride after about an hour.  Very nice older fellow in an old truck.  I’m told that old beat up pickup trucks are the saviour of PCT hitchhiking.  It seems to be true in my case.  Some of the guys that pick you up strike you has homeless looking and very poor.  I usually offer gas money but they rarely take it.  Just real nice and friendly people that you wouldn’t normally stop and talk to on the street for fear that they want something from you.  I hope I’m less judgemental about these folks in the future.

When I got to town, I got dropped off at the post office so I could pick up my packages.  Turns out there are several PO’s and I needed the main office to get General Delivery.  South Lake Tahoe has good public transportation so I caught a bus to the correct PO.  Next I found a hotel.  I use whenever looking for a cheep hotel.  It works very well.  In this case, it’s mid-week in a casino town.  Cheep hotels galore.  I found one for $39/night that had everything I needed and centrally located.  I decided to zero here and signed up for two nights.  Throughout my stay, I never stepped a foot inside the casinos, even though they are about 2 blocks away.  I guess I don’t feel like partying alone.

Looking down on Echo Lake from Echo Summit in the morning.










Still loosing weight…


Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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2 Responses to Day 98

  1. Donald Wood says:

    Bill you are looking great. How are the feet? Glad you are avoiding the gambling. Better to save that money on good beer and wine. 90+ days out. Can’t imagine how you did this. Keep it up Buddy you are almost home. Eat good and get that well deserved rest you need. Don

    • billweberx says:

      Thanks Don. The feet still hurt and not really getting better. I’ll keep plugging along until the snow stops me. then I’ll do the deserts and SoCal. It’s quite a grind and I’ll be glad when I’m done. That’s still a couple months away. Yikes!

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