Day 105, 106, 107, 108

Oct 30, 31 Nov 1, 2
Miles:  8.3
PCT:  1189.2 – 1197.5
Total Miles:  1267.2
Elevation gain:  519

It was a nice, clear day today (Oct 30) and I only needed to hike a little over 8 miles to get to the highway to hitch to Sierra City.  It was mostly downhill and easy.  There were a few miles of road walking at the end, but my feet handled it fine.

The storm is due to hit tomorrow afternoon (Oct (31), so I could have stayed an extra day in Truckee, but I wasn’t sure how I would do on this section.  It was fairly easy.  The weather predicted lots of snow on Friday night and Saturday, so I decided to hang in Sierra City for 4 nights, to leave Monday morning after a day to melt down some of the snow.  I leave tomorrow morning (Nov 3rd) and will see how much snow is at elevation.  I will be hiking around 7k feet most of the time and I’m worried that there could be quite a bit of snow accumulation at that elevation.  It rained very hard all Friday night and Saturday.  Sunday was clear and sunny.  If the snow is too deep, I’ll turn back to Sierra City and either hang a little longer or go on ahead further up the trail where there is not so much snow.

I have access to WiFi, but not in my cabin, which makes it inconvenient.  My cabin is about a mile from town, which is a long round trip to make everyday for food.  It’s cold and wet, so it’s no fun hanging around the store, using the WiFi. 

All the restaurants and most the hotels are shut down for the season.  The store makes good hamburgers and burritos.  Plus, I can buy food at the store for the cabin.  My cabin has HBO, which I am watching almost continuously, except while writing this blog post.  I love eating and watching TV while in town.  It makes me very happy.  I’ll have to break this habit once I’m off the trail or I’ll gain back all my weight in the first month and will have to do another thru-hike to lose the weight again.










Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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3 Responses to Day 105, 106, 107, 108

  1. Rick & Wanda says:

    Love the seedling black oak, changing colors for the season.
    We may need to suggest you seek out an Eating and TV Anonymous Support Group for your very expensive habit. 😉

  2. Chris Horst says:

    Hi, Bill. If I ever am having a bad day, I catch up on your hike and realize that I’ve got it pretty good. I admire you for your persistence. It has to be hard to keep plodding long on some days when your feet are really painful. Your photos are great and give me a real sense of what the trail is like. Good luck and success as you continue your journey.


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