Day 103

Oct 28
Miles:  9
PCT:  1159.9  – 1168.9
Total Miles:  1237.8
Elevation gain:  1962

This blog post was lost somehow and did not post previously.  I had to recreated it and repost it, so it is out of sequence with the other blog posts.

I woke up in my hotel in Truckee and checked the weather.  There will be a storm hitting by Friday.  When I checked how long the next section would be, I could see that if I zeroed in Truckee as planned, I would be arriving in Sierra City late Friday and could get snowed/rained on.  Worse yet, if I have any trouble on the trail that could delay me by a day or two, I could get caught in the storm at high elevations.

I decided that I better leave today, even though I paid for the hotel stay tonight.  I’m bummed but It’s the safe thing to do.  Unless it’s hard to get a hotel room, I should only pay for one night at a time in the future.  Lesson learned.

I put together my resupply, packed up and got out on the road around 2 pm.  As soon as I stepped out onto the road and put out my thumb, a lady stopped and offered a ride to the trail.  She was waiting for her son and had nothing better to do.  She wasn’t even going that way.  There’s some very kind folk out there…

I was on the trail hiking by about 2:30 pm.  Even though it was a short day, the first days back on the trail seem very long.  My feet hurt.  The trail was snowy, slushy, muddy and filled with water puddles.  My boots were soaked all the way through.  I managed to get in 9 miles, which was pretty good for a short day, but I arrived at my campsite in the dark around 7pm.  I hate hiking in the dark and it’s always such a chore to find the campsite with a headlamp.  It was very cold out and I expect a cold, cold night.

Good night PCT…




This was a cabin that is available for hikers to use, but it was too early in my hike and I wanted to get more miles in.  Pretty cool cabin, however.


Bill (Blackhawk Down)

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